Please help us honor our dear friend by making a donation to continue this internship program. Our goal is to empower other talented students to enter an extremely competitive world for many years to come. CJ was "on a mission for the good life and was willing to fight for his share of it." Our hope is to make that fight a possibility for others. Thank you!

Donations are now officially handled by Tufts University. By filling out the donation form, you will receive occasional updates regarding the scholarship program (you will not receive any general Tufts emails). 

Bonus: By donating directly to Tufts, your contribution is now tax deductible!

We understand the donation process is a bit complicated -- we automated some of the form for you in the link below, but here's the step-by-step for your reference. You will receive an automatic email receipt upon completion:

1. Click: Tufts Donation Page (

2. Under ‘Select a School’ choose ‘Arts and Sciences’

3. Under ‘Select an Area’ choose ‘Other’

4. Fill in the ‘Other’ text box with CJ Saraceno Los Angeles Internship Fund

5. Under ‘Dedicate Your Gift,’ choose ‘In Memory of’ and please write in CJ Saraceno